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    MathToSuccess provides the following Sudoku Game to challenge your logical reasoning.
  • To start a new game, select the level, then click "New Game".
  • To input a number, you can left click, right click, or directly type a number in a cell.
  • Once you finish a game, you can click the "Check Answer" button to evaluate your answers. The system will also provide you a solution, which you can go over step by step to see how the system solved each cell.
Current Game Records
LevelCurrent Month's Best (ms)Record (ms)
5 443264
(xia.*o at 2009-11-21 22:01:00.0)
4 590927
(zbo.*8 at 2009-11-28 22:01:00.0)
3 320491
(zbo.*8 at 2009-11-28 22:01:00.0)
2 176796
(gar.*g at 2009-11-29 22:01:00.0)
1 114998
(gar.*g at 2009-11-29 22:01:00.0)