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Verbal Analogies The following 10 questions are of the same type. Review the first two words and determine how they are related. Select the word from the five choices that has the same relationship with the third word.
1.  smallsmallest:big
A) fineB) elephantC) flyD) mediumE) biggest
2.  whitesnow:blue
A) treeB) boatC) skyD) fishE) bright
3.  daughtermother:father
A) auntB) sisterC) grandmotherD) grandfatherE) brother
4.  bookchapter:word
A) letterB) sentenceC) meaningD) nounE) verb
5.  bestgood:worst
A) typicalB) betterC) badD) terribleE) excellent
6.  freezingcold:huge
A) rareB) littleC) smallD) bigE) money
7.  foottoe:hand
A) fetchB) walkC) fingerD) indexE) shake
8.  gentlemanlady:bull
A) milkB) cowC) moneyD) meanE) softball
9.  cargarage:horse
A) placeB) wagonC) grasslandD) stallE) rider
10.  drivercar:teacher
A) airplaneB) classroomC) builderD) janitorE) student

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