Where Practice Brings Success
This is a demo of Math Olympiad 4. Your next practice questions in a specific program will be specially tailored for you as the system learns from your previous practices!
1.   A and B are two different numbers selected from consecutive numbers starting from 8 to 14 inclusive. What is the largest value of
A + B
A − B
2.   Sofia had 32 pennies and Larry had 52 pennies at the beginning. Sofia gave
  of her pennies to Larry, and Larry gave
  of all the pennies he then had to Sofia. After that, how many more pennies did Larry have than Sofia?
3.  A contest contains 20 questions. The contest was graded by giving 6 points for each correct answer and deducting 3 points for each incorrect answer. Rene attempted all 20 questions leaving no question unanswered and scored a total of 84 points. How many correct answers did Rene get?
4.  Kevin and David are biking around a round trail which is 6 miles long. Kevin bikes at 11 mph and David bikes at 9 mph. If both start from the same place and ride in the same direction, how long (in hours) will it take for them to meet again?
5.  There are 11 people in a team. If they will shake hands with each other only once during a meeting, how many handshakes will be made in total?
6.  The weight of a box is the same as 6 pounds plus the weight of
  of the box. How many pounds does the box weigh?
7.  If a number is divisible by 4 and 6, is the number also divisible by 24 for sure?
Yes No
8.  The sum of the ages of Alice and Anne is 17, the sum of the ages of Alice and Nancy is 14 and the sum of the ages of Anne and Nancy is 13. How old is Anne?
9.  You have 7 one-cent stamps and 2 five-cent stamps. Using at least one stamp from each type, how many different amounts of postage can you make?
10.  Eric needs 1 hour to do a certain job while Richard can do the same job in
  hour. How many minutes will it take them to do the job together?

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