Where Practice Brings Success
This is a demo of Math Olympiad 3. Your next practice questions in a specific program will be specially tailored for you as the system learns from your previous practices!
1.   Jackson has 2 more brothers than sisters. How many more brothers than sisters does his sister Jane have?
2.  George is the shortest. Kevin is taller than David and David is shorter than Eric. Can you make the following conclusion that "Kevin is taller than George"?
Yes No
3.  Helen has 11 cards, and Jackson has 21 cards. How many cards does Jackson need to give Helen so that they have the same number of cards?
4.  Julia is 20 years old, and Rene is 6 years younger than Julia. How old will Rene be when Julia is 48 years old?
5.  Figure out how the first two sets of numbers are related and then select the number from the choices to fill the question mark so that the third set of numbers have the same relationship as the first two sets.
A) 20
B) 18
C) 17
D) 13
E) 19
6.  Find all two-digit number(s) that equals 6 times the product of its digits. Separate each number with a comma if needed.
7.  There is a string of beads. Counting by 10s, 6 more beads are needed; Counting by 11s, 7 more beads are needed. At least, how many beads are there in total? Note that the total number of beads is more than 10.
8.  Martha and David both have a certain number of the cards. The number of the cards that Martha has is twice as what David has, and what Martha has is 36 more cards than what David has. How many cards do they have respectively?(Separate the answers by a comma.)
9.  If there are 5 Tuesdays within November in a year, which of the following can not be the last day of the month?
10.  How many squares can you count from the figure below? (Note that each cell in the 2x2 grid is a square).

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