Where Practice Brings Success
This is a demo of Math Olympiad 2. Your next practice questions in a specific program will be specially tailored for you as the system learns from your previous practices!
1.  Please find the missing number in 401, 399, 397, ?, 393, 391, 389, ...
2.  Each face of a cube has a unique color. Below shows some of the faces of the cube. What is the possible color of the face that is opposite to the face with (red) color?
black blue green white yellow
3.  Observe the following equivalence relationships. How many baseballs are equivalent to one soccer ball?
4.  There were 15 books in a bookshelf originally. After half of the storybooks were borrowed by students, 9 books were left in the shelf. How many storybooks were there originally?
5.  How many cuts are needed to cut a long log into 17 shorter pieces?
6.  Last year, Curtis was 1 lb heavier than Susan. Curtis gained 10 lb and Susan gained 8 lb since then. How much is Curtis heavier than Susan now (in lb)?
7.  Below are the numbers from 0 to 9 made of matchsticks.
How many matchsticks will be required to make the two-digit number 11?
8.  Among three stundents of Tom, Nick and Nick, Tom is not the tallest. Nick is not the shortest, nor is the tallest. Who is the shortest among them?
Tom Nick Nick
9.  One stroke drawing means that you have to finish a figure with a single stroke from the beginning to the end, without moving the pen off from the paper. You are not allowed to draw the same line twice, however a line can intersect or touch itself. Can the following figure be drawn with one stroke?
Yes No
10.  Figure out the rule used to arrange the numbers, then decide what number should come next in the series.
A) 26B) 18C) 23D) 27E) 28

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