Where Practice Brings Success
This is a demo of Math Olympiad 1. Your next practice questions in a specific program will be specially tailored for you as the system learns from your previous practices!
1.  Alice has 3 black horses and 13 white horses. Anne has an equal number of horses as Alice has. How many horses does they have together?
2.  Count how many octagons in the following figure. Select the figure in the choices that has 1 more octagon than the given figure.

3.  How many "0"s in the natural numbers from 51 through 100 inclusively?
4.  Review the number of beads on the first five rods of the abacus to determine the rule or pattern and then select the rod from the choices that should be on the missing rod.
5.  Look at the figure below, then click on the figure to find the matching figure in the list.Look at the figure below, then turn the page to find the matching figure. Do not look back when selecting your answer!
6.  Select the number that should replace the question mark.
7.  Look at the design in the larger rectangle with a portion missing and determine which of the choices correctly completes the pattern.
8.  Please count how many cubic blocks in the following figure.
9.  Look at the two pictures on the top row and figure out how hey are related. Then choose the picture that would go in the box with the question mark so that the pictures on the bottom row are related in the same way as the pictures on the top row.
10.  Select the train car with the correct number of dots that should replace the train car with the question mark to make both trains carry the same number of dots.


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